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Little River Community Fund Grant Request Guidelines


The mission of the Little River community fund is to financially support innovative projects that significantly enhance the quality of life in the Little River community through charitable, educational, religious and civic projects.

Who Can Apply?

The proposal should be from an organization which is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (C) (3). Units of government can apply for support of specific projects. Applications will be accepted only from those organizations or governmental units existing within the area last certificated as the territory for telephone service by Mutual Telephone Company.

What Grant Opportunities will be Given Priority?

Projects that seek to satisfy community needs not currently being met.
Projects that encourage collaboration among organizations and/or government units.
Projects that expand or improve the effectiveness of services provided by existing organizations or governmental units.
Proposals that look to the Little River Community Fund for a matching component for a specific project.
Projects that reflect the needs of the community as determined by periodic assessment surveys conducted by the LRCF Board of Directors
The Little River Community Fund generally will not fund operation budgets for existing organizations.

Project Areas of Emphasis

The Little River Community Fund Board of Directors has sought input from the community through surveys and public meetings to ascertain what types of projects should be the focus of the Grant Program. Through this process, the Board has determined that priority will be given to projects addressing the following identified needs:

  • Projects that seek to improve the availability of quality affordable housing in the community.
  • Projects that provide for infrastructure for the development of new housing in the community.
  • Projects that address the rehabilitation of substandard existing housing in the area.
  • Projects that address the recreational needs of the community that are currently inadequately served.
  • Projects that expand the recreational opportunities for the community.

Procedure for Submitting Proposal

A requesting organization must submit the following items.
*Ten copies of the completed grant application form which includes:

  1. Information about the applying organization
  2. Amount requested
  3. Narrative summary of the proposed project (maximum 100 words)
  4. Detailed budget for the project
  5. Written responses to the following questions:
    1. What are the community needs that will be met by the project?
    2. How does the project carry out the mission of your organization?
    3. What will be the outcome of the project? How will the results be evaluated? What will be submitted as evidence that the project’s results were accomplished?
    4. What strategies will you use to accomplish the stated results of the project? Describe the activities, who will accomplish them, and when they will be accomplished.
    5. What resources (monetary and otherwise) will be used in your project? Identify funding resources to be utilized in addition to LRCF funding as well as any partnerships you have with other organizations in your project.
    6. What are the plans for continuing the project? How will it be funded and operated in the future?

*One list of names and titles of the board of directors or principal leadership involved in the project.

*One copy of the applicant’s current IRS determination letter Section 501 (c) (3), if available.

*One copy of financial statements from applicant’s most recent year end, if available.

*There will be an expiration date of one year following the grant awards.

*All billing statements will be paid through the Rice County Community Foundation (umbrella) via Little River Community Foundation Fund.

Applications are due by noon on September 5th, 2021. Applications may be mailed to: Little River Community Fund, P.O. Box 11, Little River, Kansas 67457; or delivered to Mutual Telephone Company.
Grant awards will be announced at the annual meeting of the Little River Community Fund on Monday, November 1st, 2021 at 7:00 PM in the MTC conference room.
Upon acceptance of this grant the organization will be required to make a presentation at the next annual meeting to show how funds were used to benefit the Little River community.