Our Mission

The Little River Community Fund (LRCF) was established in 1999 to provide financial support for innovative charitable, educational, religious, and civic projects that significantly enhance the quality of life in Little River.

True to its mission, the community foundation has provided in excess of $2,654,426.00 for projects within the Little River community. Since 2000, the LRCF has helped fund multiple projects including the Clutter Hill residential development, city beautification projects, school facility improvements, recreation facility development, Sandstone Heights facility enhancements, a scholarship program, and many, many other projects.

The Little River Community Fund was created on Sept. 30, 1999, when the board of directors of Mutual Telephone Company voted at a community meeting to transfer 47,490 shares of Alltel Communications stock into the community fund. Mutual Telephone Company, a customer-owned cooperative, was one of several independent telephone companies that developed Kansas Cellular, which was acquired by Alltel in 1999.

A Memorandum of Understanding defined the purpose of the Little River Community Fund, which utilized the proceeds from the sale of the stock to provide financial resources for enhancements to the quality of life in the Little River area. The community fund’s board consists of six community members, which are elected at the annual meeting in November, along with one representative chosen by the Mutual Telephone Company board.

Non-profit organizations within the original 897 landline telephone exchange can use the attached application to apply for grants.

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